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    Paper: [ JCGS link ] [ preprint ] Software: [ On github ] Video [ Youtube ]
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    To order the book click here
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    To order the book click here
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Genomics and Metagenomics

  • Callahan, B.J., McMurdie, P.J., Rosen, M.J., Han A.W., Johnson, A.J. & Holmes, S.P. (2016) DADA2: High-resolution sample inference from Illumina amplicon data. ,
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    bioRxiv link
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Microbiome Studies

  • Anastassia Gorvitovskaia, Susan P Holmes, Susan M. Huse (2016)
    Interpreting Prevotella and Bacteroides as biomarkers of diet and lifestyle
    Microbiome, April, 2016, 4:16, DOI: 10.1186/s40168-016-0160-7
  • Bik, EM, Costello, EK Switzer, AD Callahan, BJ, Holmes, SP, Wells, RS, Carlin, KP, Jensen, ED, Venn-Watson,S & Relman,DA (2016)
    Marine mammals harbor unique microbiotas shaped by and yet distinct from the sea
    Nature Communications 7, Article number: 10516 doi:10.1038/ncomms10516
    [pdf article]
  • DB DiGiulio, BJ Callahan, PJ McMurdie, EK Costello, DJ Lyell, A Robaczewska, CL Sun, DSA Goltsman, RJ Wong, G Shaw, DK Stevenson,
    SP Holmes, and DA Relman
    Temporal and spatial variation of the human microbiota during pregnancy PNAS 2015 ; published ahead of print August 17, 2015, doi:10.1073/pnas.1502875112
    [Journal PDF with Supplementary]
    [Reproducible Research: Rmd files and RData]
    [Permanent url link: Stanford Digital Repository]
  • McMurdie, P.J. & Holmes, S.P. (2014)
    Shiny-phyloseq: Web Application for Interactive Microbiome Analysis with Provenance Tracking Bioinformatics, 2014, [Journal open-access link]
  • Yan, M. , Pamp, S., Fukuyama, J., Hwang, P., Cho, D-Y, Holmes, S. and Relman, DA. (2013)
    Nasal Microenvironments and Interspecific Interactions Influence Nasal Microbiota Complexity and S. aureus Carriage
    Cell Host and Microbe, Vol 14, pp 631--640. [Journal Abstract]
  • Purna C. Kashyap, Angela Marcobal, Luke K. Ursell, Samuel A. Smits, Erica D. Sonnenburg, Elizabeth K. Costello, Steven K. Higginbottom, Steven E. Domino, Susan P. Holmes, David A. Relman, Rob Knight, Jeffrey I. Gordon, and Justin L. Sonnenburg (2013)
    Genetically dictated change in host mucus carbohydrate landscape exerts a diet-dependent effect on the gut microbiota
    PNAS; published ahead of print September 23, 2013, doi:10.1073/pnas.1306070110 [Journal Link]
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Immunology and HIV

  • Alison F Feder, Soo-Yon Rhee, Susan P Holmes, Robert W Shafer, Dmitri A Petrov and Pleuni S Pennings. (2016)
    More effective drugs lead to harder selective sweeps in the evolution of drug resistance in HIV-1
    [PDF file] [Youtube Video Explaining Results by Alison Feder]
  • Strauss-Albee, Dara M., Julia Fukuyama, Emily C. Liang, Yi Yao, Justin A. Jarrell, Alison L. Drake, John Kinuthia , Ruth R. Montgomery, Grace John-Stewart, Susan Holmes and Catherine A. Blish Human NK cell repertoire diversity reflects immune experience and correlates with viral susceptibility. Science translational medicine 7, no. 297 (2015): 297ra115-297ra115. Link to Journal
  • Alexander W. Kay, Julia Fukuyama, Natali Aziz, Cornelia L. Dekker, Sally Mackey, Gary E. Swan, Mark M. Davis, Susan Holmes, and Catherine A. Blish Enhanced natural killer-cell and T-cell responses to influenza A virus during pregnancy PNAS 2014 ; published ahead of print September 22, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1416569111 Link to PDF at PNAS
  • Yu H, Simons DL, Segall I, Carcamo-Cavazos V, Schwartz EJ, Yan N, Zuckerman NS, Dirbas FM,Johnson DL, Holmes, SP and Lee PP (2012) PRC2/EED-EZH2 Complex Is Up-Regulated in Breast Cancer Lymph Node Metastasis Compared to Primary Tumor and Correlates with Tumor Proliferation In Situ. PLoS ONE 7(12): e51239. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051239 Link to Journal Article
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Trees & Networks

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    HIV-1 Transmission Networks in a Small World ,
    Journ. Infectious Diseases
    Journal Link
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    Journal Link
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Ant Networks

  • Pinter-Wollman, N., Bala, A., Merrell, A., Queirolo, J., Stumpe, M.C., Holmes, S., Gordon, D.M.
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